Canadian Council of Churches - 75 Years

Short Reflections

As part of their preparation for a larger resource on the theme of Salvation, Commission members wrote personal reflections on the question “Why be a Christian?” They gave themselves the challenges of responding to this question from their tradition, in a personal way and in not more than 250 words. They hoped to begin a dialogue with you, to hear how you would answer the question of meaning in your life.

We hope that you enjoy reading, sharing, and interacting with their words. We hope that you also enjoy getting to know the authors and their churches.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take a friend from church out for coffee to discuss the question, “Why be a Christian?” Notice what you find easy to talk about. Notice what you struggle to find words or reasons to explain.
  • Try journaling your own answer to the theme question. What words or images come to mind?
  • Host a bible study evening focussing on one of the short papers. Take a look at how scripture is used. How do you interpret the passages the author references? How does your church interpret these passages? Notice what surprises you as you discuss the paper as a community.
  • Host a bible study evening comparing and contrasting two or three of the short papers. What is similar across the reflections? Different? Where does your tradition or church fit in? Where do you fit in?
  • Work with your youth group to give a multimedia answer to the question for sharing with your church. They can use Instagram to take pictures that capture their own answer to the question. Make collages for display. Or even use the recording feature on smart phones or tablets to make simple videos that can be posted to a YouTube account.