Canadian Council of Churches - 75 Years

The Presbyterian Church in Canada and Religious Diversity

The Presbyterian Church in Canada has long celebrated and affirmed our kinship with all branches of the Christian Church and increasingly, we seek new and healthy relationships with other religions and those who practice them.
In setting forth the interfaith mandate of our church, we give substance to chapter 9.2.1 of our subordinate standard, Living Faith, which states: 

Some whom we encounter belong to other religions and already have a faith. Their lives often give evidence of devotion
 and reverence for life.
 We recognize that truth and goodness in them
 are the work of God's Spirit, the author of all truth. We should not address others in a spirit of arrogance implying that we are better than they.
 But rather, in the spirit of humility,
as beggars telling others where food is to be found, we point to life in Christ. (Living Faith, section 9.2.1)

And so Presbyterians seek to acknowledge, understand and appreciate other faith traditions, and encourage our members to live in good relationship with persons who belong to other religions. We accept the existence of other faiths, perceive their intended meaning or significance, and recognize the value or significance of other faiths.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada respects traditional spiritual practices of Indigenous peoples and recognizes the importance of freedom for them to be practised.