Canadian Council of Churches - 75 Years


Welcome to Faith and Witness Library, a multimedia resource website produced by the Commission on Faith and Witness of the Canadian Council of Churches.

Here you will find theological study resources, videos, podcasts, personal reflections, and discussion papers. You might use them in youth and study groups, discussion circles, retreats, and other places as the basis for reflection, dialogue and ecumenical engagement.

These resources emerged from ecumenical dialogue, shared prayer and bible study among Canadians of different Christian families.

The Commission on Faith and Witness creates a meeting place, a theological ecumenical forum where the voice of each member church is held in equal respect. We listen deeply to one another and work together towards a more complete unity in Christ and the Trinity.

Every three years, members of the Commission choose and discuss a theological topic that profoundly touches the life of Canadian churches and society today. We share our church perspectives, pray and study the Scriptures together, and seek points of commonality and unity, while at the same time recognizing areas in which our traditions diverge. We listen to the voice of the Spirit.

We hope that you enjoy reading, viewing, sharing and interacting with these reflections, and we welcome your feedback.