Canadian Council of Churches - 75 Years

Salvation: Why be a Christian?

This was the challenge that the Commission on Faith and Witness of the Canadian Council of Churches set itself as part of its 2009-2012 work. The Commission members wanted to probe what Christians mean when they talk about “salvation”. What assumptions do we share? What are our differences? What does salvation really look like? What does the Bible have to say?

Eighteen learned, faithful Christians representing twelve member denominations of the Canadian Council of Churches worked together spiritually and theologically to wrestle with these questions related to salvation in the Christian tradition. We found it delightful and profound, sometimes frustrating and often awe-inspiring, to meet each other in deep ways and explore our differences and our shared belonging to one Christ, one Trinity, one God.

We offer the fruits of our discussions and work and invite you to use them as a basis for dialogue, study, and reflection.