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A Podcast about Religious Diversity

“Faith & Witness” is a podcast of the Commission on Faith and Witness that explores ecumenism. Each month we learn what happens when churches talk to each other, and about the people who have spent their lives in dialogue with Christians of other traditions.

Here is a podcast that explores the topic of religious diversity. This dialogue will give you a chance to listen in on what it’s like when theologians of different denominations have an ecumenical dialogue. You may notice points of agreement and difference between them as they talk. You will see how the experience of talking together leads them further into their own faith. You will hear points of theology, of spirituality, history, personal experience, practical application, and more.

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Faith & Witness: Episode 3 (release date: August 1, 2016)

This month we have a dialogue between Dr. Gail Allan, Coordinator for Interchurch and Interfaith Relations for the United Church of Canada, and Rev. Lane Scruggs, a minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and a doctoral student at Wycliffe College in Toronto. Gail and Lane talk about why the Commission on Faith and Witness decided to work on the topic of ‘religious diversity’, what is ‘religious diversity’ or ‘religious pluralism’, and what are the challenges and gifts of speaking about ‘religious diversity’ in an ecumenical context.

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